Wedding or Civil Partnership Celebration Ceremony

For a marriage or civil partnership to be recognised in England and Wales, a legally binding civil ceremony known as a registration of marriage or formation of civil partnership must take place, normally at a Register Office. If you need any advice on how to do this then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Once you have completed the legal paperwork, it is time for us to start making your dreams and aspirations for your perfect wedding ceremony become a reality. I will help you celebrate your marriage or civil partnership with a ceremony that truly reflects your unique love story!

A celebrant led ceremony has no restrictions; it can be held at any time and absolutely anywhere you choose. It can be at a formal venue with or without a license, a family garden, on a beach, in a castle or your favourite pub!

Your only limitation is your imagination.

I will create and deliver a ceremony that reflects your chosen vows, music, and readings. You may wish to include some religious or symbolic elements that will enrich your ceremony, reflect your personality, and share your love story with family and friends.

Let’s start talking and together we will make your day special in every way.


Renewal of Vows

Couples choose to renew their vows to each other for many reasons. It could be to mark a special anniversary or in recognition that you have overcome a challenging period in your life together.

Maybe your original ceremony and spoken vows weren’t quite what you had planned, or you may want to recreate the magic of that special day and re-commit to each other in the presence of your family and friends.

You may wish to re-affirm your original vows, or I can help you write vows that reflect your current thoughts and life together. You can re-dedicate your wedding rings or choose to exchange new ones. Contact me to talk through wonderful symbolic elements to enhance your special ceremony.

Whatever your reasons I will ensure that your renewal of vows ceremony contains all the unique elements that you want. Your ceremony will be written exclusively for you both and I will deliver it with warmth and friendliness.


Commitment Ceremony

This ceremony is perfect for couples of any age or gender, who wish to make a lifelong commitment and pledge a declaration of love to one another, but who don’t want to enter into a legal marriage or civil partnership.

Your commitment ceremony can be held anywhere you choose. Do you have that special place that holds such happy memories for you both? Do you have family members or friends whom you would like to involve in the ceremony? Or would you prefer an intimate ceremony held privately without guests?

It is totally your day so let me make it special in every way. The ceremony will be as unique as you both are and can include the exchanging of rings, vows, or any symbolic or fun elements of importance to you both. It could also be a simple reflection of your values, beliefs, and love for each other.

Feel free to call me and let’s start talking about how we can start creating your perfect ceremony together.

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Naming Ceremony

A naming ceremony is a wonderful way to welcome a child into your family and introduce them to the world. Your child may be new-born, adopted, or a stepchild. Your relationship with your child should and will be at the core of the naming ceremony.

You may choose to appoint supporting adults who will make declarations of love and ongoing encouragement and support to your child. One of the great things about a naming ceremony is the flexibility it gives you to involve any grandparents and acknowledge the important role they will play in your child’s life.

I will listen to you and create a ceremony that perfectly reflects the hopes and aspirations that you have for your child’s future. I will weave your promises to your child, poems, and any symbolic elements you may choose into your ceremony.

There are no age restrictions when it comes to a naming ceremony, we all have the freedom to change our names as well as how we identify ourselves at any stage of life. So why shouldn’t you celebrate these personal transitions and affirm your true identity with a ceremony as unique as you are.

Whatever your reasons for celebrating a chosen name, please feel free to get in touch so that together we can start to create your perfect ceremony.

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